About Us

Founded in 2018, ER Exports (powered by Everready Group of Companies) has raised the standard of food exporting from India to all over the world. Quality food items like vegetables, fruits and grocery has to be reached to all part of the world and that was the main objective of this company since its inception. India is the exporting hub of fruits, vegetables and grocery since many decades. When we decided to start ER Exports, we were committed with the quality and quantity because we have our own farm houses where we sow Vegetables like onions, corn; Fruits like banana, mango; and Pulses like rice and wheat. We are pioneer in exporting food items like: onion, dehydrated onion powder, banana, mango, rice (basmati and other types), rice flour, wheat flour and corn flour in Surat, Gujarat.

The founders of the company Janak Mangukiya and Arav Donda are highly experienced with the farming background. Their forefathers were associated with farming business and inspection of the quality fruits, vegetables and pulses are in their blood. The quality consciousness is their utmost priority and hence every single fruit and vegetable is checked under Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) for pesticide free export. We have the one of the largest storing space in the local area and hence we are capable of fulfilling any size order and ready to export immediately. We have the simplest process set for quick delivery. You can contact us for inquiry, we will happy to associate with you!


Our Vision

To be preferred supplier of Indian Agri Produce Globally.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the most successful Indian Agri-Produce Exporter by delivering best products and providing best customer experience in all markets that we serve. We will exceed customer expectations of quality, competitive pricing and response-time. most importantly we are committed to ethical dealings.

Why ER Exports?

Exporting agriculture items require in-depth knowledge of agri items as well as export process. We give utmost priority to quality and make sure for the safest and fastest transportation. Our team is highly experienced and professional, believes in customer satisfaction and retention. Because we follow the government protocols of food item export, we minimize the complaint to almost nil. Our food products are full of natural minerals, vitamins and proteins. Our major export countries are USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and several countries of Africa. The company philosophy is standing tall on the core values like:


We speak what we do and vice versa. Our customer relation process is hence very strong. Serving our clients from all parts of the world respectfully helps us concreting our core value.

High Performance:

We always give our best performance in all the working functions. The top management defines the KPI of their subordinates which they believe to achieve with no compromise.


Time is money and we believe in quality time to earn money. We work in the disciplined environment just to make sure our all the management functions integrate with each other.


It is said honesty is the best policy, we say honesty is the ‘must’ policy. We don’t over promise our clients and; we never under promise as well. Internal and external transparency in our communication gives us more confidence to perform better.

We assure the quality by presenting following documents:

Certificate of origin, Phytosenitary certificate, APEDA Membership, SGS certificate, IEC code



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